Happy Bosses Day- first day of being my own boss

Today was my first day being an entrepreneur and creating my own business.  Started my day as a mom making breakfast for my son (I have not done this in 12 years) and finding medicine for my poor husband.  Then jumped in on checking on my emails, seeing if there were sales with the Chloe + Isabel site, and organizing my calendars (white board, monthly planner, and electronic).  Right now, I’m listening to a training on the John Maxwell Team site while writing this blog and organizing my home office. Yes, I am a serial multi-tasking madwoman.

I wanted to do something a little different today – making sure my son was fed before going to school and not wasting my life in 1 to 1 1/2 hours of traffic going to an office.  I also wanted to something similar to a work day – review, build, and plan. I have had this practice since I started working at 15 years old at the Pacific Missile Range Facility.  I forgot the wonderful woman’s name that mentored me in that office but I still make awesome office coffee and seal multiple envelopes at the same time.

If anyone is interested, I will start a Zoom virtual workshop on achieving your dreams. Please email me: bambooshoothi@gmail.com.

Next blog: Filipina Fashionista


One foot in front

On a journey to find my voice and to become a speaker and trainer, to support my family, to provide hope and inspiration, and the ultimate goal, to help people.  I will be posting once or twice a week to take you on this trip along with me.  Feedback – good or bad is valuable to me.   To support this journey, I have become a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach as well as a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel.  If you find any value, please support.

Right now I am seeking small companies and organizations on Oahu who would like a free workshop on the 21 Laws of Leadership.  The workshop is 8 weeks, 1 hour each week.  The valuable course will help improve your teams ability to reach goals.

Finally….I am asking for your support with a small fundraiser to help close friends. One has family in Puerto Rico and another lost her home in California.   Please check out https://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/vince.

Thank you again for checking out my blog and hope you will enjoy my journey as much as I am.