We connect in so many ways. We may think we are not connecting but even in our silence, we connect. Communication is different than connection.  Many of us grew up thinking that person A speaks and person B listens then person B speaks and person A listens.  Unfortunately, this is not what happens in communication and definitely not connection. Communication will be in an upcoming blog.

Finding common ground, sharing a meal, experiencing the same event, or getting to know someone over time are all ways we connect. When I speak to groups, I connect people through an experience that will tug at their hearts or I welcome their laughter when I share some of my adventures with  trying to buy one shoe from a store.

Surprisingly, people come up to me after 10 or 20 years and say that I was in a classroom with them or they saw me at a grocery store. I have never met them but they found this connection by watching me be a positive force or I fell and picked myself up. There is a silent connection that is shared when people observe me. I am not an angel and I hope someone didn’t connect to those times I was an awful person (accountability partners will be in another blog). Okay, I know they did and it is so hard to connect with that person in a positive way.

When I connect, I hope that the connection is good and if it is not, I will accept the connection as negative, for that moment. If you would like to connect with me through Facebook, please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/812803072232021/ or through email at bamboooshoothi@gmail.com.

next blog: Thankfulness vs. thoughtfulness







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