Small Business Customers

I appreciate small business customers. I am the marketing, advertising, selling, operations, and an accountant for my business. In 2 months I have enjoyed this crazy ride of being an entrepreneur.  I appreciate everyone liking, sharing my blog, my sites, and buying the merchandise (https://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/vince and http://www.kokoon.net/Vince-Abramo). There’s still Cyber Monday deals left.

I like to share quality products with amazing consumers. They get it.

They know the struggles of doing everything on your own and having the few supporters behind them.  They love the products, and they love the service that we can only bring to the customer.  I know these same people go to a huge grocery store or a big box chain. I understand that.

When my husband and I were buying diapers for our daughter, we thanked God for the Walmart angels that brought us amazing deals. I go through Costco once every four months to get toilet paper.  I get it, and customers get it too.

I am a small business shopper.  I love going into boutiques and checking out what the owner got on her trip or knowing she combed through millions of styles to get to the right piece. I also love going to restaurants or establishments where the owner knows you by name.  I also love the small farms that are at farmer’s markets.  True farmer’s markets with every stand having vegetables or fruits.  Not these farmer’s markets with food trucks and other items for sales.  Maybe we should call those food truck markets or other item markets.

I will lump in Chloe and Isabel and Kokoon with small business.  They may have an army of women to sell as merchandisers, stylists or insiders but I know (like Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Rodan and Fields, Senegence, and Lularoe) the money is going to support a family like mine.

Kokoon was started by one woman (here is Laine’s story https://kokoon.net/pages/the-company). Chloe + Isabel was started by one woman (here is Chantel’s story: https://www.chloeandisabel.com/our-story/mission).

I am one woman with one leg and starting a small business.  My story is my blog.


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