I used to balance on one leg for a longer period time. I would say around 16-20 minutes. I was able to hold 2 kids and grab keys and a bag.  Now I can barely stand on one leg for a minute.

I overdid it. But did I?  I think I would have made that same sacrifice everyday to hold my children again.

Balance is a tough subject in anyone’s life.  I have to admit sometimes I gave too much to the job and neglected my family, I also sacrificed my career to raise my kids, and this time I am pushing myself to create a business and have a lot of health issues to address.  I wish I could take the pie and divide it equally throughout  the day.  I realize now that there is this dance between career, family, faith, friends, health, self development and community.

Areas of my life will pop up and remind me that I have neglected that part of my life.  Balance takes a lot of skill.  Can you balance all areas of your life? I believe you can and if life doesn’t seem in balance then recalculate and readjust until you find that balance.


Energy Givers and Energy Takers

Which one are you? You know Energy Givers will do everything for you and drop what they are doing to make sure you are okay.  I know a lot of you experience Energy Takers.  Those are the people that come in with drama and take up your time and your life and give nothing back to you.

I think of myself as an Energy Giver.  I pour myself into a person and coach them to do a little more.  I have learned how to listen with my entire body and my entire soul until the person has exhausted themselves.  Intent listening drains my energy, and I need to recover from it for hours.  Intent listening will be on a later blog.

Looking back on my life, I have been an Energy Taker.  I have taken advantage of people by abusing my relationship with them. I’ve stolen their energy and their gifts.  For those people, I am genuinely remorseful.

There is this dance we experience with Energy. I think we enter into a relationship and we are oblivious to what we are giving and taking. Coaching, mentoring, accountability partners, training, and speaking at the front end can seem like giving a lot of your energy. After a 3 hour training, I reflect on the session and treasure the people that had that change in their heart or discovered a new way of approaching a problem.  I honestly feel my soul soar when I see that realization on a person’s face. The atmosphere resonates with this brilliance, and that person is luminescent.

So, Energy Takers create ways to give. Energy Givers find that energy that you can take and use to give you more.

Next blog: Balance (one leg tricks to life)



Design Aficionados

I am always fascinated when people see the design in art, clothing, programs, processes, and strategy. I am on the outskirts of a tribe who appreciate the uniqueness and have pushed their limitations beyond their imagination.  I am enthralled by the beauty of database programs that a person can change with coding and improve the function of a simple multiple choice question.

I geek out when a program has discovered steps to redirect an area that has been stagnant, or people have accepted that procedure as status quo. In my mind, these design aficionados are micro disruptors for good.  These design disruptors are the heart of change.

When a designer notices something unusual in a piece, and a composition catches their eye, they fully appreciate the other designers’ thought process and for a moment step into that artists’ eye.  They ask thoughtful questions like, “How did they come up with this piece?” or “What made them think of inserting that there?”

In a past blog, I wrote about my mother who could design a clothing pattern just by seeing it.  My father had similar traits when he built houses. Every aspect of the build is a design and in small ways would figure out problems and create solutions.

For me, the ultimate designer is God. How did He come up with us?  What made Him think of giving man free will? How will we design a world where we can live in peace? Design aficionados and design disruptors, it’s our time, for our tribe to triumph.



Heart, Head, Hustle

My hustle is my business.  I believe in providing value for a company or a person to improve on what they will potentially become.  I get a kick out of seeing people realize their behaviors and make a change. Their realization may be very minuscule, but I feel it and, I hope it changes them for the better.  When I coach someone or an organization on improving or changing their mindset, I begin to change myself.

I used to thwart evaluation and criticism.  I realize now that it’s feedback.  (I will include on a future blog on how to give empowering feedback and not a destructive feedback,) Feedback is essential after every session and valuable for my next sessions.  Always changing, always improving.

My best way of describing this change is the black dress analogy:  the black dress looks great on you, and when you dress up with the right jewelry ( , you shine and sparkle a little bit more.  Same person…enhanced by their beauty.

Along with this hustle, I will use my heart and my head.  My friend Sean Hookano-Briel with Comprendio Inc. ( use this tag for their business.  Tweet and post #heartheadhustle

I’m getting better at using my intuition when I’m meeting with a client.  I need to use my head more when it comes to payment processing and offering too much for free.  I use my head to strategizing the best training system for your organization.

I use my heart when I hustle and depend on all the people that support me on this new journey of creating a life that was always waiting for me. Now, I pray before I go into a meeting and pray after a meeting with a client.  I ask God if this is His will, then help me to provide value for this organization or person.

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