Design Aficionados

I am always fascinated when people see the design in art, clothing, programs, processes, and strategy. I am on the outskirts of a tribe who appreciate the uniqueness and have pushed their limitations beyond their imagination.  I am enthralled by the beauty of database programs that a person can change with coding and improve the function of a simple multiple choice question.

I geek out when a program has discovered steps to redirect an area that has been stagnant, or people have accepted that procedure as status quo. In my mind, these design aficionados are micro disruptors for good.  These design disruptors are the heart of change.

When a designer notices something unusual in a piece, and a composition catches their eye, they fully appreciate the other designers’ thought process and for a moment step into that artists’ eye.  They ask thoughtful questions like, “How did they come up with this piece?” or “What made them think of inserting that there?”

In a past blog, I wrote about my mother who could design a clothing pattern just by seeing it.  My father had similar traits when he built houses. Every aspect of the build is a design and in small ways would figure out problems and create solutions.

For me, the ultimate designer is God. How did He come up with us?  What made Him think of giving man free will? How will we design a world where we can live in peace? Design aficionados and design disruptors, it’s our time, for our tribe to triumph.



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