Energy Givers and Energy Takers

Which one are you? You know Energy Givers will do everything for you and drop what they are doing to make sure you are okay.  I know a lot of you experience Energy Takers.  Those are the people that come in with drama and take up your time and your life and give nothing back to you.

I think of myself as an Energy Giver.  I pour myself into a person and coach them to do a little more.  I have learned how to listen with my entire body and my entire soul until the person has exhausted themselves.  Intent listening drains my energy, and I need to recover from it for hours.  Intent listening will be on a later blog.

Looking back on my life, I have been an Energy Taker.  I have taken advantage of people by abusing my relationship with them. I’ve stolen their energy and their gifts.  For those people, I am genuinely remorseful.

There is this dance we experience with Energy. I think we enter into a relationship and we are oblivious to what we are giving and taking. Coaching, mentoring, accountability partners, training, and speaking at the front end can seem like giving a lot of your energy. After a 3 hour training, I reflect on the session and treasure the people that had that change in their heart or discovered a new way of approaching a problem.  I honestly feel my soul soar when I see that realization on a person’s face. The atmosphere resonates with this brilliance, and that person is luminescent.

So, Energy Takers create ways to give. Energy Givers find that energy that you can take and use to give you more.

Next blog: Balance (one leg tricks to life)



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