One Shoe

There are many questions that people ask me while I am out and about. I would rather have people ask me questions instead of staring or looking up my skirt (yes, that happens). The majority of people think about their questions before they ask. The majority of people are thoughtful when they share their comments about my disability.

Common questions are: How did you lose your leg?Did you try a fake leg before? You must be in pain.Do you drive? How did you have kids?

Then there are other questions and statements: Did you go to school? Your husband must have taken pity on you. Can you dance? My child has the right to stare at you.

one shoe


Then there are questions that makes me think a lot. The question about my shoe is a welcome change. The questions are: What do you do with your other shoe? Do you get 50% off when you buy one shoe? Do you get 50% off when you get a pedicure?

Usually, I do not get a discount off of shoes or a pedicure. I do have to buy both shoes. If I don’t buy the other shoe, the store cuts the poor shoe in half and throws the other shoe away. Sometimes I come across a kind manager or a salon owner that offers me a discount.

For years I would throw away my left shoe, then a wonderful woman from my church said that she has a relative who was missing a right leg and may be the same shoe size as me. The divine happened, and we found that we are the same size. Two to three times a year we swap shoes.

In my lifetime, I wish I counted my shoes. I believe I have averaged 5- 6 shoes a year. I would have amassed. 250 left shoes. I wish I kept them too then I would have found another girl or a woman who was missing a right leg or foot that was the same size.

Now I wish to help another girl who is missing a limb and wants to go to college. I will start a foundation later this year. I will keep you updated.

Photo by Aditya Romansa on Unsplash

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Why the Why?


Everyone asks “Do you know your why?” Innately we know each, and every one of us knows why we get up in the morning, go to work, eat, sleep, care for kids, care for the dog (cats too), and clean. We do that all over again. Everyday.


Do we know why we do the same thing day in and day out? It seems that our why pushes us to fulfill our daily routine. The why has been our complacency and the reason we are programmed to act in a nondisruptive chain of unending habits. Many people have succumbed to the reliable paycheck and have not challenged their status quo. Does your why push you enough to do more?

My father pushed himself to create more because his why were his belief that he needed to make a better life for my mom, my sister, my brother, my nieces and nephews, my kids and me. He built several homes and turned them into rentals. He did extra work and wired people’s home for extra pay. My father would help my mother with the vegetable gardens and sell at the farmer’s markets. He knew his why and he worked hard to answer that question every day.

Simon Sinek challenges businesses, business owners, and people to put the why first. In the Ted Talk Sinek uses Apple as an example of using their why as a success. So let’s start with why for your business.

I ask someone a simple question, “Why are you in the business?” Their answer is “I love the product.” I know that it’s a great product and the person agrees.  I follow up with another question, “Why do you sell the product?” The person answers, “I believe that it will help people.” My response to the person how does your why match to the company’s why. The person’s answer,”I have a family, and I want them to have everything I did not have.”  Then I ask,”So why this business?” “Why does this product relate to your why?” There is a long pause.

I have many businesses, and I can relate my why to all of them:

Consulting: In this world, my strong belief is that nonprofits and businesses, can achieve more.  Creating better organizations will benefit my community of families and friends.  Businesses and nonprofits are discovering that they can overcome any obstacles with a set of fresh eyes. I will walk alongside you and see where the gaps are, and together we can achieve more.

Speaking, Training, Coaching: With the challenges of today’s world of competing for time and money, staff and leaders will find the to change their mindset. Improving people’s way of thinking creates a better atmosphere in the workplace. Leaders witness a higher sense of responsibility from their staff and staff see that leaders have confidence in their ability to lead.

The next ones are easy:

Amare: In today’s world of stress and health issues, people will experience a holistic mental wellness platform that addresses their body and mind. My family and other people have sensed a change in their overall health. With Amare, I can show you how you can obtain long-term well being.

Chloe & Isabel: There are many jewelry companies.  Chloe & Isabel create exceptional quality pieces that come with a lifetime guarantee and a company that celebrates the connection between women. They’re responsible for upholding production and sourcing practices across areas such as human rights, health/safety, and fair wages. Have unique quality pieces, through fun and fashion-forward platform.starfish and seashells

KOKOON: Like jewelry, there are many clothing companies.  KOKOON has amazing designs and is ethically made in the United States with a mission to provide comfortably feminine style inspired by reality.  KOKOON reminds me of my mother and Laine’s entrepreneurship is inspiring. Find out how you feel comfortably beautiful.

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