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Winds are Changing

Waiting for the hurricane has me reflecting on this past year as an entrepreneur.  There has been some highs and real lows.  I keep it real because that’s who I am. I am ready to take it to the next level.


There are some changes that will be coming.  I will be letting go of some things and concentrating on the core values of bambooshoot: Strength, Flexibility, and Growth.  I know that I can come through any difficulties if I stay grounded in my beliefs and my abilities.   I also need to rely on the people who believe in me and give me honest feedback.  My true supporters listen to my struggles, help me to find a different avenue, and show up when no one else does.

I also have amazing coaches. I do recommend a coach that can walk you through your difficult times and also give you honest feedback on how you are conducting yourself.   We need that mirror to build us up and to show us reality.

I will be focusing more on my speaking, training, and coaching through my other website: You can always check out my other sites that helped me with my risidual income:

Helps with stomach and mental health issues:

The clothing and jewelry I wear:




business, Life

Sorry to Keep You Waiting


I apologize profusely to my readers.  I have been on hiatus.  I’ve been having a wild ride for the past several months and considering how to get to the next trip.

Many times in life and business there is a waiting period.  Did you remember a time of great momentum and all of a sudden it stops?  The great ride abruptly halted, due to tragedy, set back, or you have lost your way to your real goal.  I was there, and now I am back.

I felt like I lost my Google map and my true north.  I got distracted by shiny new things and found that people could not commit because they lost their maps.  I promise to never drop my purpose again.

I need help to remind me to stay on track and continuously need your support.  Please follow my website: Twitter: and on IG:

What is keeping me afloat: attending my classes. Plus my side hustles: and Check it out.  Share it. Follow it.

I hope to have a Youtube channel soon.  Stay tuned.   I won’t keep you waiting.