Speakers gotta speak

I’ve been a speaker since I was in sixth grade.  My mother enrolled me in Japanese  school at the Hanapepe Hongwangi Mission.  Now, I was a trouble maker and gave my poor sensei a very hard time.  The administrators and the teachers were all very patient with me.  An amazing thing happened while I was there learning how to read, write, and speak in Japanese; I became confident in becoming a public speaker.

Our sensei entered students into a Japanese speech competition held at the Mission. I memorized a speech about a camel. I practiced and practiced the speech over and over.  I practiced in front of a mirror, I practiced while I was walking to and from school, and I practiced while I did my chores. As a class we practiced at the podium on the stage. This is the first time I wanted to really be good at something.

I barely remember the event.  The night of the competition, the air was a little cool, the clouds were swirling in the sky and I felt that there was something magical to the evening.  I had no idea that there would be a lot of people at the event.  My mother had me dressed in a new muumuu she sewed just for the event.  I saw all the faces in the crowd and was not nervous. I felt this overwhelming joy.  I loved the thrill of going up those wooden steps and holding the mike.  With my crutches planted to keep me still, I began this magical journey of a camel in the desert and connected with the audience and the judges. After my speech, I floated off the stage and felt accomplished.  I think I won my category but that did not matter.

I have a minor in Speech and found the feedback and criticism during the classes to be beneficial to my growth as a speaker.  I have been confidently speaking for organizations regarding their goals and their missions for 25 years.

I joined The John Maxwell Team because I was attracted to leadership growth and improvement.  I found the laws to be simple but I can see that many businesses have difficulty implementing the philosophies.  There are many areas to speak and share the philosophies of leadership and communication.  The lunch and learns (seminars), the mastermind groups (workshops), and the coaching (one on one) are great tools for any organization to have for training.  If you are interested, in any of the opportunities, please contact me at bambooshoothi@gmail.com. I offer free lunch and learns. Speakers gotta speak.

Now, I have this opportunity in front of me.  I showed up for this dream of creating a message that will help other people.  It’s easy for me to be an inspirational or motivational speaker but I want to go deeper than that.  Enhancing a program or a leadership team to supersede their goals, gets me excited.  Improving communication, facing conflict, and bettering systems are those areas that is a passion for me and I hope that is a passion for coordinators, managers, directors, or presidents.

What do you think my message should be?

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Filipina Fashionista

Being a Filipina, we surround ourselves with beauty.  We  have the great mixture of ethnicities and I know we are gorgeous.  I have been a fashionista all my life due to my mom, my sister, and my best friends.  My mother was a seamstress and created beautiful clothes for people.  She invented an L-square to cut patterns, she could look at any clothing and created the pattern through assessment and calculation.  She was amazing at it.  My sister was always so fashionable and I always looked up to her for having the latest designer something.  My best friends Jen and Naomi influenced my use of make up and showed me there is a whole world of designers.

I know there are many friends that are minimalist and I respect your beliefs. I understand a few things are great in your closet and that you don’t want to buy into a conglomerate of greed and capitalism.  I completely understand.  I will go for a few months without buying a thing. But just a few months.  I rotate my clothing and donate to nonprofits.  I don’t mind if they resell items because it will help their cause. My favorite is UCP: http://www.ucpahi.org/.

I have accepted that I am not a minimalist, especially with fashion. My mother was raised in the Philipines and had very little but she valued the importance of looking and feeling confident.  She started a sewing and beauty school for women after WWII so that they could support themselves. Some of the women were widowers at a very young age with children. She said that to support these so-called “beauty” industries is to support a woman in business. That came full circle for me when I met a young woman who was applying makeup on me for an event I was going to and she shared her story with me.  She said that being a make up artist saved her from being in a violent relationship.  She would go to work every day covering her bruises with make up and enjoyed making people happy when she applied make up on them.  She earned enough money by being a top seller and got out of that relationship.

The urban dictionary defines fashionista as a person devoted to fashion clothing, particularly unique or high fashion. A person not to be called a fashionista would be someone who obsessively follows trends. REAL fashionistas do not believe in trends.

Fashionista defined by me is taking classic styles and infusing a few seasonal looks. I love clothing that can pull double duty.  I tend to buy from people I know because they know my personal preferences better than I do and they seem to have me in mind when they see a style or a particular color. It’s like having several personal stylists looking out for what you want. I like to shop online and go to boutiques. I will also get a few things from Macy’s, TJMaxx, or Ross.  Who doesn’t love a sale?

And to address everyone’s curiosity about my shoe:  I wear the right shoe.  I tend to hide my E.T. looking toes unless I’ve had a pedicure then they look like billboards! I have a counterpart who lost her right leg and we have the same size foot.  I wear 4-6 inch heals a few times a year.  I have hip dysplasia and will buy a few expensive shoes (the Ultimate Footstore) that are comfortable and several inexpensive ones if I know I will be sitting for a long period of time.

Here are my top recommendations and a majority of the businesses are owned by women:

I frequently use a bag within a bag or reversible bags: Cookies (http://www.cookiesclothingco.com/)

I wear Chloe & Isabel Jewelry because a lot of the pieces can have up to 6 different looks  (https://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/vince).  Having that option to extend my wardrobe through simple and versatile pieces goes a long way.

I also recommend Kokoon, Lularoe, Cabi, and Niu (https://www.yelp.com/biz/niu-wahiawa)

Makeup and skin care: Senegence, Lipsense, Benefit, Bare Minerals, Merle Norman, The Face Shop, Tony Moly, and the list goes on and on.

The fourth week of every month is dedicated to being a fashionista to honor by mother’s love of design and beauty.  Bring out your fashionista from time to time, be confident, and be beautiful.

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Happy Bosses Day- first day of being my own boss

Today was my first day being an entrepreneur and creating my own business.  Started my day as a mom making breakfast for my son (I have not done this in 12 years) and finding medicine for my poor husband.  Then jumped in on checking on my emails, seeing if there were sales with the Chloe + Isabel site, and organizing my calendars (white board, monthly planner, and electronic).  Right now, I’m listening to a training on the John Maxwell Team site while writing this blog and organizing my home office. Yes, I am a serial multi-tasking madwoman.

I wanted to do something a little different today – making sure my son was fed before going to school and not wasting my life in 1 to 1 1/2 hours of traffic going to an office.  I also wanted to something similar to a work day – review, build, and plan. I have had this practice since I started working at 15 years old at the Pacific Missile Range Facility.  I forgot the wonderful woman’s name that mentored me in that office but I still make awesome office coffee and seal multiple envelopes at the same time.

If anyone is interested, I will start a Zoom virtual workshop on achieving your dreams. Please email me: bambooshoothi@gmail.com.

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One foot in front

On a journey to find my voice and to become a speaker and trainer, to support my family, to provide hope and inspiration, and the ultimate goal, to help people.  I will be posting once or twice a week to take you on this trip along with me.  Feedback – good or bad is valuable to me.   To support this journey, I have become a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, and coach as well as a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel.  If you find any value, please support.

Right now I am seeking small companies and organizations on Oahu who would like a free workshop on the 21 Laws of Leadership.  The workshop is 8 weeks, 1 hour each week.  The valuable course will help improve your teams ability to reach goals.

Finally….I am asking for your support with a small fundraiser to help close friends. One has family in Puerto Rico and another lost her home in California.   Please check out https://www.chloeandisabel.com/boutique/vince.

Thank you again for checking out my blog and hope you will enjoy my journey as much as I am.