False Alarm and Awareness

Saturday’s wake up call for a ballistic missile attack was jarring for many of us in Hawaii and loved ones in the mainland and other countries.  I picked up my phone and said a short prayer, “Lord, if this is real, please help me to help people. You have given me so many gifts and experiences.  I am ready.”

My second action was to check social media and the tv. I didn’t hear the sirens. I am from Kauai, and we are used to sirens in an emergency. My son came down the stairs and his little-worried face asked if we saw the alert.  I told him not to worry, and both my husband and I thought it was a hoax or a mistake.

Being from Kauai, we are used to disasters and both my parents grew up in the Philippines when the Japanese invaded their country.  I think they prepared us well.

I have too many first aid kits.  I think we have enough food for two weeks. I do two things before a disaster. I fill up the tubs with water and do the laundry.  My kids and husband make fun of me when I do both things every time I hear a siren.  I know which room to go to if a bomb hits the islands.

I am an Americorp member from 1992, and we created the first Foodbank on Kauai after Hurricane Iniki. I know how to set up food pantries and shelters.  I know how to develop systems for separated family members. Yes, I’m a little crazy, I look at systems to find lost pets after a disaster.

For a split second, my thought was, well…ground zero could be where I’m sitting and what good would that be? This gave me a sense of heightened awareness, and I reflected on my life. I hope I served as much as I could with all that I could.

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I wanted to make sure I thanked everyone for following my business FB:

Thank you to clients for trusting me to coach and train you on change and growth.  Finally,  thank you fashionistas for your purchases.  Kokoon has exciting news for 2018; Also, the next jewelry pop up will go to help a family that lost their father while snorkeling in Maui:

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My intention this year is to make sure I thank everyone that are supporters of my new adventure. We know that at the beginning of the year everyone has their best intentions to meet a goal. Goals may be to organize your home, or to lose weight, or to stick to a budget.  With all of these good and purposeful intentions, I wondered how many of us write those goals down and are quickly forgotten in several weeks. We also tend to write the same goals every year.

I have my clients write their dreams.  This is the first step into intention. Working with many people at the beginning of this year and having them write their intentions, helped me think and write my own.  Here are my goals:

  1. Remember to thank people for their support
  2. Add value to people to carry out their intentions
  3. Take time to take care of myself, my family, and my community

Take that first step. Write your intentions here. Start on your goals today.  I’m here to help you accomplish what you have been writing every year.

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One Foot in Front of No Other

Has anyone heard the song “One Foot” by Walk The Moon?

I changed the lyrics just a little to relate it to my situation.  I love the lyrics….  The song popped up while I was deciding to leave a job that sucked the life out of me and struggling to create a business from nothing.

I sing it to myself when I feel down or when I have that win for the day.  I love to pull a James Corden Carpool Karaoke session in my car.  You will see me on the H1 belting out the song. I have another song to set me up for speaking engagements.  That’s for another blog, another day.

My wonderful husband, Nick, has helped me to start this journey to begin to build this business.  He has been so incredibly supportive and continued to be my rock. All we have is each other. He’s got my back through this wilderness.

I don’t know what it’s like to have one foot in front of the other. I’ve had a prosthetic leg three times in my life and hated each one of them.  I don’t have one now because the entire prosthetic attaches to my body.  I don’t have a left hip and the brace would come up to my chest.  Just picture a tiny little Filipino girl carrying around a clunky, hot, itchy, and incredibly heavy object. The combination of an active person and a 30 lb. weight strapped to you does not make a great combination. I had to swing my whole body to get the leg to move an inch. Sometimes I took 30 minutes to a class that would normally take 5 minutes. I hope that answers why I don’t wear a prosthetic leg.

My life on my own terms. The phrase one foot in front of no other forces me to keep moving.  I will walk with my crutches, hop, or wheel my way forward. I will get there one foot in front of no other.





I used to balance on one leg for a longer period time. I would say around 16-20 minutes. I was able to hold 2 kids and grab keys and a bag.  Now I can barely stand on one leg for a minute.

I overdid it. But did I?  I think I would have made that same sacrifice everyday to hold my children again.

Balance is a tough subject in anyone’s life.  I have to admit sometimes I gave too much to the job and neglected my family, I also sacrificed my career to raise my kids, and this time I am pushing myself to create a business and have a lot of health issues to address.  I wish I could take the pie and divide it equally throughout  the day.  I realize now that there is this dance between career, family, faith, friends, health, self development and community.

Areas of my life will pop up and remind me that I have neglected that part of my life.  Balance takes a lot of skill.  Can you balance all areas of your life? I believe you can and if life doesn’t seem in balance then recalculate and readjust until you find that balance.


Energy Givers and Energy Takers

Which one are you? You know Energy Givers will do everything for you and drop what they are doing to make sure you are okay.  I know a lot of you experience Energy Takers.  Those are the people that come in with drama and take up your time and your life and give nothing back to you.

I think of myself as an Energy Giver.  I pour myself into a person and coach them to do a little more.  I have learned how to listen with my entire body and my entire soul until the person has exhausted themselves.  Intent listening drains my energy, and I need to recover from it for hours.  Intent listening will be on a later blog.

Looking back on my life, I have been an Energy Taker.  I have taken advantage of people by abusing my relationship with them. I’ve stolen their energy and their gifts.  For those people, I am genuinely remorseful.

There is this dance we experience with Energy. I think we enter into a relationship and we are oblivious to what we are giving and taking. Coaching, mentoring, accountability partners, training, and speaking at the front end can seem like giving a lot of your energy. After a 3 hour training, I reflect on the session and treasure the people that had that change in their heart or discovered a new way of approaching a problem.  I honestly feel my soul soar when I see that realization on a person’s face. The atmosphere resonates with this brilliance, and that person is luminescent.

So, Energy Takers create ways to give. Energy Givers find that energy that you can take and use to give you more.

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