I used to balance on one leg for a longer period time. I would say around 16-20 minutes. I was able to hold 2 kids and grab keys and a bag.  Now I can barely stand on one leg for a minute.

I overdid it. But did I?  I think I would have made that same sacrifice everyday to hold my children again.

Balance is a tough subject in anyone’s life.  I have to admit sometimes I gave too much to the job and neglected my family, I also sacrificed my career to raise my kids, and this time I am pushing myself to create a business and have a lot of health issues to address.  I wish I could take the pie and divide it equally throughout  the day.  I realize now that there is this dance between career, family, faith, friends, health, self development and community.

Areas of my life will pop up and remind me that I have neglected that part of my life.  Balance takes a lot of skill.  Can you balance all areas of your life? I believe you can and if life doesn’t seem in balance then recalculate and readjust until you find that balance.


My body and resilience

My body is falling apart.  I realize that about 7 years ago in between the Aloha Run and the American Cancer Society Walk.  I felt that twinge in my hip. The doctor told me to stop entering races. I have this love hate relationship with exercise since that twinge.  I’ve been active in exercise since college. I’m slowing down and I hate it.  I used to carry both my kids without even thinking about it.  It takes a lot of balance carrying two kids with one leg.  Now, I can barely carry a laundry basket across the doorway.

I have this love relationship with food. I love all kinds of food. I especially love sweets and vegetables.  Odd combination. My family would eat all the vegetables we grew in our garden and the ohana farm.  I also love cake, cookies, ice cream, and candy.

In one month, the doctors have told me that I can’t have anymore cortisone shots in my arthritic hip, I am in danger of tearing my right shoulder, and I will need surgery for my hand.  I’ve been up and down with my weight.  I was at 115 at one point and down to 101 then up again to 108.  My high blood pressure is high and was prediabetic.

Through all of this, I still have a goal.  I want a strong core and I want to do stand up paddling.  I’m not sure when I will do this but every body needs a goal when it comes to your health.  I can imagine myself on the board at Magic Island trying to avoid the swimmers at sunset.  I imagine one day I will not have excruciating pain in my joints.

I think that everyone has a gift when it comes to their bodies.  You are so incredibly blessed if you have all your limbs and your body is functioning. Use it.  I would. God did not create us to be still. God did not create me to eat all the sweets in the world (that would be heaven). Self control and discipline should bleed into every aspect of my life.

The wonderful silky custard pie still calls my name and I will be doing 300 crunches today.

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