I used to balance on one leg for a longer period time. I would say around 16-20 minutes. I was able to hold 2 kids and grab keys and a bag.  Now I can barely stand on one leg for a minute.

I overdid it. But did I?  I think I would have made that same sacrifice everyday to hold my children again.

Balance is a tough subject in anyone’s life.  I have to admit sometimes I gave too much to the job and neglected my family, I also sacrificed my career to raise my kids, and this time I am pushing myself to create a business and have a lot of health issues to address.  I wish I could take the pie and divide it equally throughout  the day.  I realize now that there is this dance between career, family, faith, friends, health, self development and community.

Areas of my life will pop up and remind me that I have neglected that part of my life.  Balance takes a lot of skill.  Can you balance all areas of your life? I believe you can and if life doesn’t seem in balance then recalculate and readjust until you find that balance.


Bamboo Lessons

My father would collect bamboo shoot in the back of my sister’s house near a small ditch in Kalaheo, Kauai.  He would cut out three shoots.  He would say to me that bamboo has strength and flexibility.  “See how they are strong but they bend and grow.” Bamboo continuously grows and have many uses.

I wanted a blog to reflect the bamboo shoot that my father collected and he said that I will always be strong and flexible and to never stop growing.  I am growing now as a speaker and trainer.  Discovering my message, reflections on a life that has been blessed, and still learning along the way.

Thank you for going on the journey with me.