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Sorry to Keep You Waiting


I apologize profusely to my readers.  I have been on hiatus.  I’ve been having a wild ride for the past several months and considering how to get to the next trip.

Many times in life and business there is a waiting period.  Did you remember a time of great momentum and all of a sudden it stops?  The great ride abruptly halted, due to tragedy, set back, or you have lost your way to your real goal.  I was there, and now I am back.

I felt like I lost my Google map and my true north.  I got distracted by shiny new things and found that people could not commit because they lost their maps.  I promise to never drop my purpose again.

I need help to remind me to stay on track and continuously need your support.  Please follow my website: Twitter: and on IG:

What is keeping me afloat: attending my classes. Plus my side hustles: and Check it out.  Share it. Follow it.

I hope to have a Youtube channel soon.  Stay tuned.   I won’t keep you waiting.